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South Tyrol

Weinegg Wellviva Resort

To the south of Bolzano lies a magical land boasting a Mediterranean climate and a picturesque landscape encompassing the two Monticolo Lakes and Caldaro Lake. Gentle, rolling hills are home to infinite vineyards and bountiful orchards, painting a picture-perfect view. Nature truly comes to life here and, in the midst of this beauty, visitors are lucky enough to find the Moser Hotels. The two 5-star hotels – the Weinegg Wellviva Resort and the Seeleiten Hotel – and the 4-star Gartenhotel Moser have been run by the Mosers for two generation. Follow the picturesque Strada del Vino, a road aptly named for its vineyards coasting both sides of the main road, and it will lead you to the hotels. They all have their unique charm but offer guests the same unforgettable experience focusing on pure pleasure. The Seeleiten Hotel is the southernmost of the 5-star hotels in South Tyrol and, on top of that, it is the only hotel in South Tyrol to offer two exclusive accesses to Caldaro Lake. Dive into the lake’s water to escape from summer’s sweltering heat to then head to the hotel’s vast garden and relax under palms, olive, orange, and lemon trees. The Gartenhotel Moser is a hymn to nature: parents can chill under the shade on comfortable benches while children get to experience the hotel’s very own alpaca farm. One of the 5-star Weinegg Wellviva Resort’s highlights is its suite pool, coming in at more than 60 m, cementing its position as the longest in the region. Guests can enjoy the perfect view across the infinite vineyards while they sunbathe at the hotel’s Caribbean beach located in the hotel’s vast garden. 


Themes and research ideas

  • My holiday, my dock, my lake: the Seeleiten Hotel offers two easy ways of dipping into South Tyrol’s largest and warmest lake
  • Alpaca trekking and SUP: alpacas would be the perfect childminders, as you will discover at the Gartenhotel Moser and its alpaca farm with its four, fluffy friends; children can also take a go at a SUP adventure
  • The Caribbean in South Tyrol: enjoy your own little, private slice of paradise in the Weinegg Wellviva Resort’s suite with their very own pool access
  • Cheers: Gerhard Sanin from the Moser wine estate welcomes visitors to his workplace, the wine cellars. Treat yourself to an extra special experience by spending a night on the estate
  • Caldaro Lake, vineyards and… in 2021, the Moser siblings fulfilled their childhood dream of opening their own farm brewery