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To Toskana

Tuscany. In this stunning Italian landscape the pine trees sway softly in the wind. Tuscany. Here you breathe the same air Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri and da Vinci breathed. Tuscany. The sweeping paths lead up to lookout points in the hills crowned by villas, manor houses and vineyards. And speaking of grand houses, the holiday home specialist “To Toskana” has been renting out more than 700 private villas, holiday homes and apartments in Florence, Siena and Pisa for almost 20 years. The best thing is not the best-price guarantee (though that goes without saying), but the family atmosphere. There are always locals on site to assist and advise you. When and where does the local weekly market take place? How do you discover the area’s hidden coves? Where can you drink the best Montecastelli? Just ask the landlord!