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The Serego Alighieri wine estate

The charming Serego Alighieri wine estate nestles among the rolling hills of Valpolicella. Surrounded by vineyards, the idyllic venue is managed by the 21st generation of Dante Alighieri’s descendants, and is the perfect retreat for wine experts as well as people yearning for some peace and quiet. The area lies between Verona and Lake Garda, and its fame as a wine-growing region goes back centuries. The grapes grown here yield a robust, slightly bitter Amarone and its sweeter counterpart, the Recioto. Once harvested, they are placed indoors and left to dry out for up to 100 days. The drying process is dubbed “appassimento” and is responsible for Amarone’s typical mouthfeel and higher alcohol proof. Incidentally, they are not placed in just any old room, but in the old family barn which has been part of the property since 1353. Visitors wanting to know more about the wine-making process can make the most of a tour of the historical wine cellar to admire its aromatic cherry barrels. The estate also offers the opportunity of staying overnight in its newly renovated guesthouse: the “Foresteria” features eight traditional apartments where wooden furnishing and decorations take centre stage. To top it all off, guests can pop into the nearby small shop and purchase regional wines produced by Serego Alighieri and Masi – a great way to reminisce about the experience from the comfort of your home. www.seregoalighieri.it

Themes and research topics

  • Amarone and its traditional cherry wood barrels 
  • Dante Alighieri - Italy’s soul and a love for wine 
  • Valpolicella: a protected oasis between Lake Garda, Verona, and Venice 
  • Exchange vows in the heart of the vineyards and the Foresteria’s historical halls
  • The Masi Wine Experience

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