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South Tyrol

The Renon’s sun-kissed plateau

The Corno del Renon or, to make things easy, the Renon, is Bolzano’s go-to mountainous summer retreat to escape from the sweltering heat. And at 2,000 m above the city, overlooking its slumbering 100,000 souls – ah, the view is one you will remember forever. Resting just below the 2,260 m plain summit, the Renon high plateau has been the perfect haven, what with its mild climate, for people since time immemorial. Soprabolzano, Collalbo, and the other 13 mountain villages have been like a lighthouse to artists and philosophers during the Enlightenment, locals escaping the heat bubble in the cities since the boom of alpine tourism at the start of the 20th century and, today, leisure holiday-goers and families. Among the many sights, they also explore and admire Renon’s Earth Pyramids, the highest and most beautiful of their kind in Europe. But how do you get to the Renon in the first place? Simply hop onto a state-of-the-art cable car to enjoy the cooler temperatures on the Renon – a swift 12 minutes crowned by mesmerising views of the verdant meadows and forests seen from behind the window. From the hustle and bustle of Bolzano to the picturesque village of Soprabolzano and beyond.


Themes and research topics

  • Green as it comes: your mountain holiday needs no cars thanks to the RittenCard
  • Old-time nostalgia with a modern flair: the Renon train is the perfect excuse for theatrical, cultural, and gastronomical night-time adventures in its art nouveau carriage
  • Golden health drawn directly from the beehive: "ApiAir", a wellbeing programme at the Rinner Hotel
  • Can bees hear us? Visit the 600-years-old Plattnerhof and its bee museum to find out more
  • Lamas? In the mountains? Yes: visit the lamas at the Kaserhof
  • Teetotalling delight: visit apple juice refiner Thomas Kohl
  • Spoilt for choice: sleep in modern guesthouses, art nouveau hotels, farmsteads, or five-star resorts
  • What a view: leisurely hikes even Freud enjoyed, the Hirtensteig (shepherd’s trail), the  “Himmelstour” excursion or a family-friendly thematic hiking path