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Slow Food Travel Carinthia

Back to the roots! The Slow Food project is the first culinary time travel in the world for lovers of Carinthian cuisine. The inhabitants of the Lesachtal, Gailtal, and Gitschtal valleys and Lake Weisensee have been living for centuries in harmony with how they approach their regional food. Food processors and producers count on reliable family recipes to produce organic raw cheese, amber-like honey, and loaves of bread made with natural sourdough – but, more than anything else, the essential ingredient is patience. Their composure and their knowledge are what the locals want to pass on to whoever visits their home and country. There are a good 19 Slow Food Travel experiences where farmers, chefs, bakers, and herbal experts give an insight into their working processes.  And, of course, the helping hand of their ‘fixed-term trainees’ are also more than welcome. Host and guest will be rewarded by a product produced in an organic and sustainable manner and whose taste has no equal.


Themes and research topics

  • Girl power – culinary pioneers at the heart of creative treats. Gertrude Wastian is a teacher and farmer who organises seminars on herbs and creates specialities such as petal butter, herbal crackers and weeds pesto out of thin air. Well, not quite, for this she uses fresh mountain herbs
  • Escaping from the city – young locals are returning to the countryside and revolutionise centuries-old traditions. The Zankl siblings are here to show you how: their organic raw cheese is produced with love and attention, the result of a marriage between their father’s years of experience and their youthful joy for experimentation
  • Why roam abroad if perfection is so close at hand? – Why backpack across Bali if you can enjoy sustainable holidays in Carinthia? Get to know Austria’s nature and people while also reducing your ecological footprint
  • DIY – hands-on and relaxing holidays for amateur beekeepers, cheese aficionados, and pickled vegetables enthusiasts. Manuel Ressi is a Slow Food chef and will teach you what our grandmothers have known for many a century: how to make vegetables last longer and preserve them in mason jars