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South Tyrol


Sesto is a lot more than just a mountain village in the Dolomites. The Tre Cime peaks are loved by mountaineers as well as by people looking for some peace and relaxation way beyond the South Tyrolean summits. They are just one of the countless stunning natural beauties and one of the many local highlights. At first glance, the view is one of a diverse landscape: the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Nature Park, and Val Fiscalina what with its meadows awash with flowers, larch forests, and a plateau of summits reaching back millions of years in time. But upon taking a second glance at the heart of Sesto, a veritable, cultural treasure trove awaits: history, deeply rooted traditions, and the villagers are what define Sexto’s unmistakable character. The combination of imposing mountains and the local population, who have been living for centuries in harmony with a gentle yet also ruthless nature, is the key to Sesto’s magic. Sepp Innerkofler (1865-1915) was an alpinist, a war veteran, and tourism pioneer, and he shared the magic of his area when he carried out guided tours across the Sesto Dolomites. He laid the foundations for tourism to develop in the idyllic mountain villages, home to the quirky and earthy – yet lovely – locals. www.sexten.it

Themes and research topics

  • Sleep under the star-speckled sky at 2,000 m altitude: stay in a bivouac in the Sesto Dolomites for an unforgettable experience
  • The Dolomites know no bounds: a symbolic alta via featuring 108 km and crossing two regions, more than 12 climbing walls, and coasting by 17 mountain huts
  • Sesto’s history: a guardian of knowledge, a good shepherd, or an ambassador of pleasure
  • 200 km across a UNESCO World Heritage Site: cross-country does not get any better than this for winter sports enthusiasts kicking off from Sesto
  • The Tre Cime and more: the Val Fiscalina where 4.5 km of colourful flowery meadows alternate with larch forests before the unique view of Sesto’s mountainous sundial