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Po Delta - Comacchio - Ferrara

Spending your holidays in Comacchio will bring along more than expected, with plenty to explore and discover. The municipality and the 53,000-hectare Po Delta Regional Park feature nature, beaches, and culture all in one day. Entwined river branches and spacious lagoons from the biosphere reserve make this undiscovered corner of Italy into quite a unique natural experience. Hop onto your bike and take a leisurely cycle ride along narrow cycling paths, coasting by old, reed-covered fishermen huts and taking in the beautiful landscape. Or why not slide into a kayak and quietly glide across the lagoon in the company of flamingos? Foodies can head to the salt works and, guided by experts, head back home with their very own salt – or they could try traditional autumn treats at the large “Sagra dell’Anguilla” eel festival. If art and culture sound more like your cup of tea, fear not, for you can venture into old Etruscan tombs, admire Greek finds, and revel in the works of Picasso, Warhol, and Dali – a veritable treasure trove of experiences await! Even the city of Ferrara, whose centre has been acknowledged by the UNESCO as a Word Heritage Site, is a true haven for art enthusiasts and, will you believe it, cyclists: you can cycle around the old city centre on its historical walls! What a treat! The seven Lidi di Comacchio sing their siren call for bathers to dip into the refreshing waters and, if you are really lucky, you might just spot wild horses and deer in the spacious enclosure at the Lido delle Nazioni. www.visitcomacchio.it / www.inferrara.it

Themes and research topics

  • Going beyond Venice: who says you cannot have a dreamy gondola tour in Comacchio?
  • Slippery like an eel: explore the local traditions in the Valli, the “Museo dei marinati” and its peep into the ancient trade, and the “Sagra dell’anguilla”
  • The home of refined wine and sandy dunes – sandy terroirs for unique labels
  • All paths lead into nature: the cycling paths coasting the Po’s delta
  • Flamingo pink as far as the eye can see: bird watching in the Valli di Comacchio
  • Welcome to Italy’s cycling capital, Ferrara: a city tour on two wheels