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Nassfeld-Pressegger See / Lesachtal / Weissensee / Slow Food Travel

There is no region as diverse as the one found in south-western Carinthia – we are talking of the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region, of course. It boasts 730 km of cycling paths ideal for mountain bikers, e-cyclists, and trekking bike aficionados; climbers can scrabble up rocky mazes, while hikers can happily cross the Italian border on foot. Come winter, get ready to explore Carinthia’s largest skiing area and its 110 km of slopes and snow averaging 4.5 m in height.

Hop across to the Lesachtal valley to find the complete opposite. Known as Europe’s “wildest”, most unspoilt, verdant valley, it is home to the first international Slow Food Travel Destination. Travellers can meet food producers, look over their shoulders as they work and, why not, even give them a helping hand (not that they need one, but they are more than happy to let them join in). One of Carinthia’s most breathtaking lakes is located in the heart of the seemingly never-ending Gailtal Alps mountain range. Lake Weissensee is “Austria’s cleanest bathing lake”, reminiscent of a fjord as it laps the sides of the vast swathes of mountains: a sight to behold what with its turquoise, crystal-clear waters and the surrounding lush mountain forests and meadows.

www.nassfeld.at / www.lesachtal.com / www.slowfood.travel / www.weissensee.com

Themes and research topics

  • Born to be wild: the alta via in Carinthia is without a doubt one of the most spectacular alta vias in the Eastern Alps
  • Carinthia’s largest hot tub: Lake Pressegger See beckons, reaching up to 28 °C during the summer – the perfect temperature for a relaxing swim
  • The Nassfeld skiing area: take a midday ski across the Italian border
  • Bubbling brooks: the Gail river flows through the Lesachtal valley, Europe’s most unspoilt valley in Europe
  • The first "Slow Food Travel Region" in the world: explore a time forgotten by everyone – or so you thought. Visit farmers, cooks, bakers, and sage herb experts who, together with their guests, will explore the roots of local, unique food in the Gailtal and Lesachtal valleys and at Lake Weissensee
  • The Caribbean… in Austria: Lake Weissensee is an impressive display of turquoise, crystal-clear water. And everyone does all they can to protect this small jewel: there are no through roads crossing the protected area, construction areas are turned back into natural spaces, and you can navigate the lake on Austria’s first hybrid-electric excursion boat

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