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The Valpolicella region lies just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Lazise on Lake Garda. This winegrowing region immediately evokes two names: Amarone and the Masi wine estate. Today, Masi is one of the most renowned producers of top Italian wines in the whole world. An uncontested leader when it comes to making Amarone, a local tradition going all the way back to Ancient Rome. However, Masi’s history is by far more ‘recent’: in fact, it only started in 1772 with the Boscaini family. The family acquired outstanding vineyards in the Vaio dei Masi valley (Valley of the farmsteads) which is what gave its name to today’s wine producers. And, speaking of today, the family’s 7th generation is now at the helm of the Masi Group, which is active all over the world. The Group encompasses, among others, the Canevel Spumanti in Valdobbiadene with its outstanding sparkling wines and the Serego Alighieri wine estate. The latter was founded in 1353 by Pietro Alighieri, son of renowned intellectual Dante Alighieri, and is led by the poet’s direct descendants to this very day. Masi symbolises the wines’ diverse history and the people behind them, its magnificent story, and its enticing wine culture. So much so that it has developed the ‘Masi Wine Experience’ whose goal is to share its passion for everything wine and make it an experience everyone can enjoy. It features wine tastings at wine estates, visits and gastronomy, an Amarone Museum, and the refined Masi Wine Bars in Zurich, Cortina d’Ampezzo and in Munich. 


Themes and research topics

  • Masi: a wine estate with plenty of stories. The world-leading producer of Amarone represents top-notch wines from Valpolicella and much, much more…
  • The Masi Wine Experience:  Masi – experience the wine estate up close and explore the best locations across vineyards, ski slopes, and lively and bustling cities
  • The Masi Wine Bar: when wine meets architecture
  • Mr Amarone: Sandro Boscaini – the man behind Amarone’s world rank
  • Amarone: ‘appassimento’ is a process used since Ancient Rome. While it’s barely changed, it’s still at the heart of how ubermodern wines are produced
  • Prosecco Spumante: Canevel Spumanti is a Prosecco wine estate located in Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The perfect treat for aficionados of refined and light bubbly wines
  • The 700th anniversary of Alighieri’s death: a wine estate which does not get any more Italian than this. Serego Alighieri and 2021 – 700 years since Dante’s death
  • But first, wine! A typical Masi experience – wine pairing replaces food pairing at the Masi Wine Bar
  • Add a splash of…: Amarone in the kitchen
  • Valpolicella: a rough diamond located between Lake Garda, Verona, and Venice