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Masciarelli Winery

A 40-year success story: Masciarelli is one of the most renowned family-run wine estates in Italy. Their success is based on the vision of winegrower Gianni Masciarelli. His pioneering work quickly put the region and the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo on the world map in a short time. After he passed away, his wife, Marina Cvetic, took over the company in 2008. Since then, she has modernised it and increased production to 2.5 million bottles of wine. Today, together with her eldest daughter, Miriam Lee Masciarelli, she manages over 60 wine lots across Abruzzo’s four provinces. The main office has been and still is Villa Gemma, Gianni’s birthplace, while the wine cellar opposite is in San Martino sulla Marrucina in the province of Chieti. The mother and daughter show the heavily male-dominated wine universe what premium wines two ambitious women in Abruzzo can produce. They have channelled Gianni’s vision, and deal with the incredibly diverse soil, the altitudes up to 500 m, and the most diverse microclimate boasting Mediterranean and Apennine traits to their advantage. They create robust, full-bodied, and elegantly mineral wines. They care about respectful, suitable approaches to natural resources. Masciarelli produces wine in the following lines: “Linea Classica”, “Gianni Masciarelli”, “Marina Cvetic”, “Castello di Semivicoli”, “Villa Gemma” and “ISKRA”, as well as “Botte di Gianni” limited edition.

The Castello di Semivicoli boutique hotel is well worth a visit. This picturesque setting is surrounded by vineyards and is the perfect excuse for the family to showcase their very own brand of hospitality. Gianni bought the 17th-century building in the early 2000s as a surprise for his family. After years of demanding but loving renovation, the building is a veritable jewel, chosen by people looking for peace and quiet and wine lovers alike. The ideal location for romantic weddings or special events.


Themes and research topics

  • Masciarelli: a love story. Love for wine, family, and the region
  • Girl power and premium wine: the mother and daughter duo, Marina Cvetic and Miriam Lee Masciarelli, cement their position in a world dominated by men
  • Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – “Italy’s best wine” thanks to the Masciarellis
  • Dolce Vita in Abruzzo: holidays, art, and pleasure surrounded by vineyards in the historical Castello di Semivicoli
  • Villa Gemma: the family home and where Masciarelli’s premium wine line is produced