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Garda Lombardia

“This lake has the most beautiful array of colours you can imagine: there is violet in the shadows and emerald green where the water breaks against the white rocks.” As it was for English writer David Herbert Lawrence, the largest lake in Italy is still a place of longing for many. The Lombard west coast especially, from Sirmione to Limone, has so much to marvel at, enjoy and experience with the mountains surrounding the north and the gentle Moraine hills caressing the south. Lovers of all things Mediterranean can sample seafood, cool white wine, native olive oil and lemons, and Alpine aficionados will love the hill farm cheeses, honey, truffles and venison. Surf free as a bird on the lake at sunrise or explore your limits with a high mountain hike at dusk. Have a cathartic swim in the sulphurous thermal water or marvel at the extraordinary Roman castles and mansions. Enjoy five-star service in the many beautiful luxury hotels or discover life’s small pleasures camping or with a holiday on a farm. You will find all this and more in the small area of Lake Garda.

Themes and research ideas

  • Pool position: the best pools and villas in Lake Garda
  • Decathlon in Lake Garda: sailing, surfing, swimming, diving, hiking, biking, climbing, canyoning, paragliding and golf… the appeal of variety
  • Above and below: hillside or lakeside? Discover the little-known sides of the lake
  • Events & Co: Centomiglia, Mille Miglia, jazz festivals, open air theatre and grand opera
  • The real characters of the lake: fishermen, gourmet chefs, winemakers and olive oil producers