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The Baltic states


You wouldn’t think it, but Estonia is as diverse as they come – and the perfect destination for nature lovers. Boasting more than 2,000 islands, 3,794 km of coast, nearly half the country is covered in forests, spacious meadows, and six sprawling National Parks. This Nordic gem is also ideal for city breaks – Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, is a treat to explore, what with its picturesque historical city centre and modern business district, hip artistic neighbourhoods and stunning sea promenades. In other words, there’s something for everyone. The go-to summer location in Estonia is Pärnu and its mesmerising, vast stretches of coast. White, sandy beaches covering the same surface as Berlin are joined by historical bathhouses, cocktail bars, and restaurants as well as a charming historical city centre. Just like Pärnu, Tartu – a university city home to intellectuals and artist in the south of Estonia – was included in the 100 most sustainable destinations in the world by “Green Destination”, an organisation which promotes sustainable tourism. Tartu made the cut thanks to its bike sharing system, while in Pärnu “urban cows” walk along the meadows coasting the beaches, contributing to preserve biodiversity in this protected area. Diversity is part and parcel of a trip to Estonia: the local cuisine may look solid and simple at first, but it’s prepared with local, seasonal ingredients and is, therefore, quite varied. Estonians are proud of their natural treasures and transform into hunters and gatherers when it comes to preparing and serving mouth-watering food. Regional products and culinary delights are not forgotten, as proved by the presence of countless gourmet and Michelin-starred restaurants as well as old, traditional inns. Saunas are also a cultural treasure in Estonia and virtually everyone has a small wooden hut in their garden where they can spend “sauna days” of a Saturday.


Themes and research topics

  • Bears and beavers: discover Estonia’s fauna and wilderness
  • Estonian black bread – the “must leib”: bread is back, baby! Young Estonians research their grandparent’s traditional recipes and recreate this dark, yeasty sourdough bread
  • Tallinn: a lively city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and hip artistic neighbourhoods
  • Feel connected wherever you are: even in the most remote corner of the forest you can find a 4G connection; companies are founded online from the comfort of a sofa; and Estonians file their online tax declaration in a matter of minutes!
  • Canoeing across the forest: an Estonia exclusive taking place during the “fifth season” between winter and spring