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South Tyrol

Das Gerstl Alpine Retreat

Das Gerstl Alpine Retreat rises above Burgusio on a sun-kissed southern hill and boasts a vast view across Val Venosta valley, the Ötztal Alps, and the Ortles Group. Enjoy this breath taking view from the family-run hotel: while wading in the infinity pool, enjoying some “me time” in the panoramic sauna, accompanied by food in the restaurant, and taking it in from the spacious suites. Ever heard of the “r30 philosophy”? Together with the team in the kitchen, hotelier Lukas Gerstl carefully selects the best suppliers in a range of 30 km from the hotel. Thanks to this cooperation with regional producers, farmers and agriculture in general across the valley are supported and, on top of that, the environment also benefits because of the short trips involved. The hotel celebrates the “r30 day” once a week: it exclusively serves food sourced and found in this range – apple juice from Val Venosta, seasonal vegetables from neighbouring farms, and meat from local butchers. However, the r30 philosophy does not end with food for the Gerstl family. Even the building material is sourced, when possible, form the region, the cosmetics are created using regional ingredients, and even tradespeople are called from within this area…

Themes and research topics

  • r30: cuisine, cosmetics, chest of drawers – everything is sourced in the range of 30 kilometres. If you want to find out more about the r30 philosophy, give it a try yourself by milking goats at the Wargerhof farm
  • Have a look behind the scenes once a week at the kitchen party to watch the chefs at work
  • Not for your amateur hiker: senior chef Martin puts you through your paces – your calves will beg for mercy by the end of it! Hike like the locals do: at a fast pace and no breaks allowed
  • Herbs galore: herbal teas prepared by Lorenz and Leander and an aromatic hall in the sauna where you can catch a scent of local Val Venosta herbs
  • Think big: New 18-meter outdoor pool, a larger garden area and new suites - there's a lot to discover at the Gerstl from summer 2023!