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If you were to refer to Caorle as “Little Venice” (Piccola Venezia), the 11,000 locals would most probably agree with you – after all, it is their affectionate nickname for the seaside town. Caorle boasts an old, romantic town centre, and is a veritable jewel located at the mouth of the Livenza river on the Adriatic Sea. Visitors fall under its spell for its irresistible Italian charm. Take the time to walk around town and be surprised by the view colourful small homes with Venetian tones and colours, refined cafes, a small harbour, and picturesque seafood restaurants; Caorle also boasts a beach promenade studded with pebbles and rocky sculptures, an 18-km sandy beach and unspoilt nature featuring “casoni” – traditional huts where fishermen used to spend their winters. It is no surprise it also goes by the moniker of “pearl of the lagoon”. The lively locals, known as “caorlotti”, even succeeded in charming the legendary author Ernest Hemingway. www.caorle.eu

Themes and research topics

  • Fish bonanza: musky octopus, scallops, clams, and more await you in Caorle. Take a stroll around the bustling fish market where fish is auctioned off by whispering pundits, pop into one of the small seafood restaurants or enjoy an excursion on fisherman Luigino Marchesan’s boat
  • “From Sand to Rocks”: discover the lagoon as well as the local hinterland and vineyards on guided cycling excursions
  • A man and the lagoon: Ernest Hemingway dedicated pages of his novel “Across the River and into the Trees” to Caorle’s nature. The city homages the author on his birthday – 21 July – with a week of events
  • Your wish is our command: the 18-km sandy beach is the ideal place for plenty of games and adventures for children, a walk with your dog, and is also marvellous oasis where relaxing comes easy. There is something for everyone!
  • A unique auction: fish is sold to clients who whisper their bid to an ‘auctioneer’, who will then award the catch to the best bidder!