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AIS PUGLIA - Associazione Sommelier Italiana Puglia

Negroamaro, Primitivo, Nero di Troia: these are the three best red wines of Apulia.  And who better than an expertly trained sommelier from the AIS PUGLIA could teach wine lovers the traits of these robust labels from Italy’s heel? The AIS PUGLIA is the Apulian Chapter of the AIS, the Italian Sommelier Association.

The AIS was founded in 1965 and is one of the most traditional sommelier associations in Italy, with chapters in all of the country’s 20 regions. The AIS PUGLIA has been headquartered in Noci since 1999 and has trained hotel and restaurant staff as well as curious laypeople in becoming a sommelier ever since. One of the most important experts and authors in Apulia, Professor Giuseppe Baldassarre, also imparts his knowledge during AIS PUGLIA’s wine seminars to whoever is interested.

The AIS programme is structured in three levels and is used in all its regional chapters to train sommeliers. It is acknowledged as one of the best programmes in the world. The AIS PUGLIA is always cooking something up for its members, and organises wine seminars, visits to wine estates, and thematic evenings. The AIS PUGLIA has a leading position in Italy’s wine landscape what with its Apulian regional booth at the Vinitaly fair as well as publishing a multilingual regional wine magazine, the ‘Messaggi in Bottoglia’.


Themes and research topics

  • On the trail of the three Apulian musketeers: Negroamaro, Primitivo, and Nero di Troia – exploring the sun-kissed region of Italy’s heel
  • The ‘Mercadini method’ is how a sommelier perfectly pairs meals and food to the robust red wines from Apulia
  • The everyday life of a sommelier. An AIS PUGLIA insider gives out juicy gossip.
  • What makes Apulian wines stand out and which wine estates are absolute gems? An AIS PUGLIA expert reports from the region.
  • Serving wine in a starred hotel, done right – What are the ingredients for a perfect sommelier?

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